Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Prison Break - Body Mechanics


I finally "finished" this 30 second body mechanics animation.. Well I shouldnt say it's finished REALLY.. because the nature of the project kind of became its own thing.. Like a living, breathing organism. Anyway take a look!

It started as something like a weekend exercise. Then after I received some feedback from numerous peoples, I realized that there was much more potential for it. I decided to keep it going, pushing myself with the help of others.

In a very early state, I was pleased with the way it looked, yet I kept getting some great feedback. In numerous forms even like email, word to mouth, video critic, and sign language. Well, not so much sign language but more so the rest.

Anyway, the main goal of the project was to do "solid" body mechanics animation that had some acting elements within it. Also, I wanted to give my self an opportunity to do some more exaggerated body distortions (like at the end). A while ago I did an animation that was in a similar family as this one, and it turned out good but I felt it was missing some very important staging and timing elements. After I decided NOT to post it, I set out to plan a new one and this is what came of it! :)

Sometimes it seems like other people can help provide you with a clear perspective of the bigger picture, and that's something I value very much. I'm very thankful for all the feedback I have received on this project. I think its very evident that peer input is a crucial element in improving your skills as an animator. And heck, I wouldn't mind jumping back into it in the future to do more adjustments / improvements.

On a side note,
I would like to find time to post some other stuff I've be doing on the side. I hope to find time and space for it.

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