Sunday, January 6, 2019

2018 Update + Dinosaurs!

2018 Was a pretty huge year for me. I've been MIA here but I figured now is a better time than ever for a quick update.

First off, I helped create a pretty dope short film called A Time To Remember. There's Time-Travel, Dinosaurs and explosions in it. Need I say more? Here's a quick VFX breakdown video of the film.

This whole project was so fun to work on. My duties were AD work, TRex animation and spaceship modeling / render / composite. We got best VFX and 2nd place overall at Z-Fest 2018! 
I'm planning a future post that goes into more detail on what was done to achieve some of the visuals. Perhaps when the full video gets released online?

In other news..
2018 also saw me leave Activation to work for Meditech and from there I took a job at Periscope as a Motion Designer. This Hot-Potato jumping act gave me an opportunity to work on some diverse types work. So there is no shortage of content, I just need to find the time to gather up & post it! 
So stay tuned, I'll have a more to show soon.

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