Monday, January 24, 2011

Works in progress

It's been a slow start with this 2D work. I have many ideas but feel as if I should be doing smaller stuff before jumping into the bigger stuff. I think I need to develop a work flow and drawing style I feel comfortable with before going crazy with it all. So today I post some works in progress. The first one i blocked to this after noon. I know it's another ball exercise but I think it should turn out fun. I think it's good practice for me while i get used to photoshop animation.

The second one is my "biped" animation i started a few days ago. Here's the proof of concept.

In "celebration" of the record low of 15 below zero, I'm making a winter clothing themed animation. It's all very sketchy right now. I still need to decide on the master model drawing for the final. I might keep it sketchy though too.. well see how it turns out in the next few days.

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