Sunday, July 19, 2009

I sware i've been doing stuff... Seriously.. I have

Okay! I've said a while back that i would post my drawings up on here. But the truth of the fact is, I rarely actually like my drawings enough to wanna post them.. So I decided to post them anyway! Here's a few few drawings from a couple different places.
The cat drawings are of Toby, my short haired black cat and Heather, my roommates long haired cat. The dog is my dads miniature doberman pincher. Anyway, the rest of the sketches are from the light rail.. where most people actually sit still! As you can guess, I love sketching on the light rail.
If you check back in a bit, I should have my June 11 second club animation up. SO YEAH ! NEW WORK TO POST WOOH!

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